Monday, January 26, 2015

Finding Zombies!

Today, I'm happy to be part of Loni Townsend's blog tour for her new novel, This World Bites.

 Thank you for having me on your blog, Connie!

A while back, you shared a post about finding passive voice by adding "by zombies" after the verb. If it makes sense, then it is passive voice. I love that tip, especially when it came to This World Bites.

 I started creating passive sentences, just to see zombies interacting with my characters.

  Cera and her gang were zombies.

I giggled because that actually happened in my book, but not in a passive fashion. The zombies attacked Cera and her gang. I played with sentences and traded extreme cases with my friends. And then one Sunday morning, I was sitting in church, singing along with the worship songs when my writer's brain kicked into high.

  The stone was rolled zombies. His perfect love could not be zombies.

 The zombie apocalypse was happening right there in church! I really should've been focused on praise, but instead I was analyzing lyrics, wondering how they could make the writing stronger, and after doing so, would it make praise more effective? Effective, maybe, as in I wouldn't have been distracted by the writing. That happens with all writing. I'm still working on finding all the unintentional zombies in my stories.

 For those of you who want a quick tip on finding passive voice, check out Connie's post. If you want a story with intentional zombies, try out This World Bites and it might make you laugh. Do you have any other tips for finding passive voice? Have you come across any unintentional humorous lines that work well with zombies?

Thanks, Loni!! And be sure to check out the links to Loni's website and the link to her novel on Amazon.