Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Internet Book Fair

Do you remember book fairs? Or maybe those fliers you got in school telling you about all the latest children's paperbacks? (Those fliers were my favorite things about elementary school.) Today something just as exciting is going on. It's the Internet Book Fair Blogfest. It's a great opportunity to find out about all the new books that are available. You can visit each author's/book's blog, read blurbs and reviews and, if you're interested, follow the links to buy to the book. So click on the link and enjoy the fun! To find out more about my book, keep reading below.

At the end of the post is a list of hot links to the other books in the book fair. Enjoy!

Here's info on my novel, Screwing Up Time.

Mark Montgomery is a slacker content with his life. He’s a senior at New Haven Prep, has a great friend, and after graduation he’ll get a brand new sports car from his parents, assuming he stays out of trouble. Then, she comes into his life—Miranda with her I-just-escaped-from-a-Renaissance-Fair clothing. Only, she hasn’t. She has come from Bodiam Castle in the Middle Ages and demands a secret ingredient and a book of recipes for traveling through the treacherous colors of time. Although Mark has never even heard of either before, he must find them, or Miranda will die. To save her, Mark must break into a psych hospital to visit his grandfather who once tried to kill him, pass through the colors of time, take on a medieval alchemist, prevent Miranda’s marriage to a two-timing baron, and keep it all hidden from his parents. The sports car is definitely in trouble.

Buy Screwing Up Time for $2.99 at Amazon or BarnesandNoble.com

Here are some Amazon reviews.

"...I enjoy historical fiction and love time travel so...I decided to try this one out. I absolutely loved it! The characters were funny and felt like real people, and I quickly connected with the main characters in the story (which is a major factor for me in books...if I don't like the characters, I'm not going to finish the book). The plot moved along at a good pace, never feeling slow or labored, and I was so drawn in to the story that I could hardly stand to put the book down. I don't dare to do a plot summary for fear of giving something away, so all I can say is I highly, highly recommend this book, and am looking forward to reading more of the series!"

"This YA novel is a fun and witty read! The characters came to life and as I read I found myself eager to find out what happened next. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the next in the series!"

""Screwing Up Time" was fun to read and very hard to put down. The fact that Bodiam Castle has it's own web page [...] makes the book even more intriguing. The characters feel like old friends after only a few chapters. I could see the country side and feel the movement through time. Thanks C. M. Keller for the great escape for a short time anyway. Can not wait for the next installment."

Here's are links to the rest of the books in the blog fest.

1.M.A. Leslie2.Le Vanity Victorienne
3.www.lachesispublishing.com4.Dianne Hartsock
5.Susan Kaye Quinn6.Kai Strand (The Weaver)
7.Kate Avery Ellison8.Nancy Stewart Books Blog
9.AdoraPet Children's Books to Nourish a Happy Mind10.William & Pamela Deen
11.My Sister Is My Best Friend12.REMEMBERING NINE ELEVEN
13.MARIE AND THE SEA TURTLE14.Nancy Lynn Jarvis
15.Donna J. Shepherd16.1 Zany Zoo
17.Shelley Buck Author SIte18.http://tinyurl.com/5rby7oc
19.fiddleeebod20.Urban Mythos
21.The Underwear Dare22.Ashfall
23.A Day in Doha24.The Golden Pathway
25.CLOCKWISE by Elle Strauss26.Jessica Bell @ The Alliterative Allomorph
27.Signs of Trouble28.The Doll by J.C. Martin
29.J.L. Campbell @ The Character Depot30.Once Upon a December Nightmare by Cherie Reich
31.Nicole Zoltack32.Lyon's Legacy by Sandra Ulbrich Almazan
33.The Night Watchman Express by Alison DeLuca34.THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH
35.Indies are GO!36.The Legacy of Kilkenny
37.Silent No More38.Angela Fristoe @ Turning the Pages
39.The Once and Future Wizard by Tom Averna40.200 SHORTS
41.Screwing Up Time by C.M. Keller42.Connection of the Minds
43.Double the Trouble44.A Second Chance
45.Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island by C.K. Volnek46.Stranger on the Shore
47.May I Have this Dance48.If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor
49.Erotic Deception (Romantic Suspense) by Karen Cote'50.Shadows Steal The Light
51.Reluctant Companions by Christine London52.Hog Wild by Christine London
53.Sunshine Boulevard54.The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, Monica Brinkman
55.Spirit Stealer56.Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend
57.Under the Hat58.Screwing Up Time by C.M. Keller (blog)
59.The Chronicles of Caleath60.Larion Wills/Larriane Wills
61.Nathan's Angel by Melissa Bradley62.Culloden Spirit by Anita Davison
63.Trencarrow Secret by Anita Davison64.Killer Valentine Ball Chris Verstraete
65.Stephen Tremp Breakthrough Blogs66.The Powers by S. Durham
67.Madeline Sharples @Choices68.Hostage Heart by Chelle Cordero
69.Rachel's Children: Surviving the Second World War70.Hostage Heart by Chelle Cordero
71.Hyphema by Chelle Cordero72.Impeccable
73.45 Minutes by Kristen Young74.Final Sin by Chelle Cordero
75.To Be Continued by Charmaine Gordon76.Now What? by Charmaine Gordon
77.One Pelican at a Time78.http://goo.gl/EWgYg
79.Love's Long Shadow80.Patricia Lynne's Journey Through the Pages
81.Anne Gallagher - Regency Romance Writer82."I Believe"
83.Johanna Garth, urban fantasy, Losing Beauty84.OnWords Blog
85.Getaway by DD Symms86.Jennifer M. Hartsock


  1. I believed I read the first chapter of this novel. It's really good. What a great way to promote books!

  2. Screwing up Time sounds really good. Adding it to my TBR pile.

  3. I love the sound of your book. I've asked for a Kindle for Christmas, as soon as it's mine, yours is going to be one of the first books I buy :)

  4. Thanks, Clarissa, Patricia, and Melissa! I've been sick so I haven't had a chance to go through the much of the fair yet. I'm really looking forward to it though.

  5. Passing through on the bookfair hop. Screwing up Time sounds like a fun, interesting read.

  6. This is the first I have heard of the bookfair hop! Thanks for letting me know.