Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Screwing Up Babylon blurb

For all of my wonderful readers, here's the blurb you've been waiting for!

Babylon, one of the most powerful and notorious empires ever, is the last place Mark wants to go. But when he discovers his girlfriend Miranda has been kidnapped and given to the king as a concubine, he travels through the colors of time to rescue her. It won’t be easy, not when the Hanging Gardens are a trap, his life is the prize in a game, and time is a prison. It will take all Mark’s cunning, the help of his friends, and a crazed chimp to free Miranda. When he does, time itself begins to unravel, and a life must be sacrificed or no one will survive.

One more bit of exciting news, my graphic artist Tara Rimondi is working on the cover art. She did such an amazing job on Screwing Up Time, I can't wait to see how she envisions Screwing Up Babylon.

If all goes well, Screwing Up Babylon should be published sometime near the end of the month. (Though I'm not making any promises because the past 14 months have been crazy--8 surgeries between me, my kids, and my parents.)


  1. Ooh, ancient history, so intriguing! Wishing you all the best as you prepare for your release.

  2. Killer blurb! Congratulations, I know how hard it is to get those things right. The story sounds super exciting.

  3. Story sounds great. Love your cover for screwing up time. Can't wait to see the next one. :)