Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Going On a Writer's Retreat

I’ve had several writing friends that have gone on writing retreats. Usually, it involves getting away to a hotel or bed and breakfast and writing, writing, writing without any interruptions or distractions.

It sounds like bliss to me. And I always wished I could go on one. But hotels are expensive, and, honestly, I’m not someone who can write for eight hours straight. My mind and creativity turn to drivel after a three hour maximum.

But then, I got my writer’s retreat. In an unusual way. My 16 year old son was looking for a job. My mother was looking for a house cleaner. And they got together. The only problem was that my son doesn’t drive. (He has a permit, but do you know how much money is costs to insure a teenage boy? He just keeps renewing his permit.)

As supportive as I was about the job, I saw it as another time suck, stealing writing time. And then, I decided to reimagine it. What if it was an opportunity to write? I could write while my son worked. I turned an unused bedroom suite in my parents’ second story into my writing retreat. When we arrive, I head upstairs and I stretch out on a daybed covered with silk pillows. I’m surrounded by silence. The French door opens onto a second story balcony overlooking a pond and a golf course. My only disturbance is snowy egrets that fly by.

It’s perfect for me. And all it took was a little imagination. (And my parents' house.)

Here are some photos.

I can't wait for the weather to warm up and I can sit outside on the balcony.

n.b. Yesterday on my Merry Heart blog, poet and author Laurel Garver guest-blogged about writing poetry and gave helpful suggestions for beginners. Check it out. 


  1. Ooh, lovely! I'm so glad you found a writing retreat that works just right for you!

  2. What a great way to turn lemons into lemonade, this writing time will surely work in your favour. Watch out for that view though, it looks fabulously addictive.

  3. Thanks, Louise!

    Rosemary, I'm afraid of that. Once the birds come back, it will be such a temptation to bird watch. I love birds! I'll make sure my parents hide their binoculars.

  4. Oh, it looks lovely! I guess sometimes it just takes some thinking and creativity to make things work. Glad you got some writing done! (And yes, writing retreats w/friends sound so fun!)

  5. That is so cool :) Looks like a gorgeous place to write.

  6. Pretty! I would love to go on a "writer's retreat" ... but I'm also like you, 3 hours is my max... I'm sure I would find ways to waste time instead of write... but maybe not...

  7. Looks like heaven to me. I got little kids constantly interrupting me all day. I could use a retreat like that. :)