Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Screwing Up the Future

Ever since I started writing the Screwing Up Time series, I wanted to travel to the future. And I knew Mark would want to travel to the future, but I couldn’t just “joy ride” there without a reason. It wasn’t until I wrote “Screwing Up Mongolia” (which hopefully will be out soon—when file conversion and cover art are done) that travel to the future became a possibility.

Mark and Miranda’s trip to the future to find Nin is only a small part of the text—the majority of the story is set in two ancient civilizations—but writing about the future opened huge possibilities. It was so fun to play there, though I had to restrain myself since the SUT series is not sci-fi and the focus of the novels always has to be Mark and Miranda and their problems.

As I created the future, the one thing I kept in mind was that human history always seems to be a constant struggle through war, disease, and technology. (I know tech seems to be “modern,” but consider the huge impact catapults, cross bows, and battering rams had in their time.) So I kept war, disease, and tech in the back of my mind as I explored how the future might look and feel. And my obsessive love of reading Popular Mechanics and Chemical and Engineering News gave me ideas on the technology in our near-ish future.

So, in book three (which I’m back to working on after a 6 weeks hiatus due to computer problems) be on the lookout for a couple of scenes set in the future and technology like DNA ident keys, toadstool chemical grenades, and camo cloth. 

PS Does anyone have any idea why the font changes in the middle of the text? I've checked the HTML code and it doesn't show a font change. This is driving me crazy. Thanks.


  1. Weird. Blogger and its glitches...

    I LOVE stepping into the past through stories, but tackling the future? That takes some moxie.

  2. I would love to time travel - it doesn't matter whether it's into the past or the future. The only thing I'd worry about is getting stuck and not being able to return to the present!

    Blogger seriously stinks. Maybe highlight the whole thing and try changing the font? It does stuff like that to me all the time, too. And gmail is just as bad. Not very nice when you're trying to send a query letter and half of it's randomly purple and italicized.

  3. I've had weird, unexplainable stuff happen to me on Blogger. It's enough to drive us nuts.

    Sounds like those magazines were valuable after all. :D