Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Three Update

So it’s time for a book update. I have seven chapters left to edit in book three of the Screwing Up Time series. (Seven out of forty-two.) So I’m getting close. Then the book goes to editors. This book has been a real journey. I wrote the first draft faster than anything I previously wrote. I was jazzed and thinking how quickly I’d get it out to my readers. And then, I hit the speed bumps.

Family health issues and lots of them. I think we should get easy hospital check-in. And it’s definitely a bad thing when someone as faceblind as I am begins to recognize surgeons.

Huge laptop problems. My computer spent almost two months traveling back and forth and back and forth for repairs.

My youngest child applied for college. If you have not filled out college applications in a while, let me tell you how heinous it has become. It’s all online, which should be easier, right? But one application we filled out was actually timed. In the right upper corner of the screen was a countdown timer and if the form wasn’t filled out in time, you lost all the data you input. How insane is that? Thankfully, a friend let me know about this feature ahead of time, so my son had his essays written earlier and we shift/copied them into place.

Are there any more speed bumps coming? Yeah. But that’s why I’m getting those last seven chapters edited this week and then the book is ready for my editors. So when I post next Wednesday, I should be announcing that the book is with editors. (If not, I'm sure I'll have a post on what the latest speed bump is.)


  1. Good luck with getting the book completed! You're so close.

    Wow on the timed application thing. That must make a lot of people swear.

  2. You really have hit so many speed bumps. It will make this book that much more epic when it is released. You're amazing :)

  3. Speed bumps make the finish line all the sweeter! Congrats on wrapping up the book and I hope you celebrate with some serious chocolate when it's with your editors!

  4. Timed application process! That's crazy. When both my children applied, at different colleges, the system saved anything you didn't finish so you could come back and finish it later.

    Hopefully you'll have no more speedbumps to getting it done. And your family is in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. Congratulations on how much your were able to accomplish while dealing with all those challenges! I hope your health has improved and that the speed bumps are fewer and farther between. Have a good Christmas, and best wishes for and easier 2014.