Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Screwing Up Alexandria Blurb

The blurb for Screwing Up Alexandria is finished!

Here it is.

Time traveling has never brought Mark Montgomery anything but grief. And then, it gets worse.

When Mark comes home from Babylon with a coded tablet, he never dreams someone would be willing to kill to get it. But they are.  So Mark and Miranda kidnap an ancient cryptographer named Nin and take her to the Library of Alexandria to decipher it.

The search for the truth of the tablet takes all of them to the most dangerous time on earth. And when Nin ends up on an altar surrounded by blood-thirsty crowds, only Mark can save her. But he’s blind.


  1. Grief yes, but also Miranda. The girl always makes it worthwhile.

  2. Oh, wow - I need to catch up on all of these so I can get to this one!! Sounds awesome!