Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Filling My Creative Tank

 Last time this year, my husband and I were in Paris celebrating our 25th anniversary. This year, we're in Charleston having a blast--it's amazing. (The only city in the world with more preservation of historic buildings is Rome.)

Cal and I bought a "Charleston museum pass." So we're visiting restored and preserved homes. And today we're visiting two plantations. I feel like my creative "tank" is being filled to overflowing. I can't wait to start writing and editing.

Here are a couple of photos. (Unfortunately, the houses don't allow you to take photos inside.)

Even the allies in Charleston are picturesque.

French Huguenot church.
I'm enjoying a joggling board. It doesn't look like much,
 but it was bliss for my back.

Turkish coffee with breakfast. (Here's the blouse I recently sewed,)


  1. What a fun trip! Now you make me want to hit Charleston. We only have a couple more years before the oldest is old enough to watch the others for away time. I'm just a little excited about that.

  2. It looks lovely! There's nothing like a change of scene and a bit of time out to help recharge those creative batteries.

  3. Happy anniversary! It looks like a great trip. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! That beer looks awesome. We just had our 20th. We went exploring ghost towns. What fun.