Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sequel Excerpt

The first draft of the sequel to Screwing Up Time is one third done. (Imagine me throwing confetti.) In honor of that milestone, I’ve decided to post a very short excerpt. I can’t promise that this passage will actually make it into the final version of the novel, but I thought you might enjoy it. Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers.

            Murgatroid was long gone when the guard woke up. He sat up, rubbed his head, and looked for me. I waved and hoped revenge wasn’t high on his to-do list—having a clay pot shattered on the back of your head probably packed a nasty headache. I wished I could give him some ibuprophen. Instead, I poured him a goblet of wine.
            By the time Peter came back, the guard was sitting in the chair by the door.
            “Yo, Pete,” I said when he walked in. “I’m getting a little tired of hanging out here waiting for whatever it is you want to spring on me.”


  1. Murgatroid? I'd prefer Reginald or Chester, myself.

  2. Murgatroid is listed as a woman's name (though I've seen it used as a man's name too).

  3. Someone emailed and asked if this was the opening scene to the sequel. The answer is "no." These lines are from much later in the book. It's actually a scene that I wrote out of order, and I haven't gotten to the place where it fits yet.