Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Colors of Time

Several people have asked how I got the idea for the colors of time. Here’s how it happened: When Mark was traveling through time, I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like. I couldn’t believe he’d move through time and just “be there.” Surely he’d have a sensory experience of time passing by. Then I saw time as a stream of colors flowing by. Whites. Blues, Yellows, Orange. Greens. Time was a whole palette of colors. But not just colors. Time had texture and fluidity. Time had temperature that could be felt. And I knew it wouldn’t be quiet. Time would have sound—whispers and screams. When I knew that, the Colors of Time were born.

Of course, in Screwing Up Time, Mark has only begun to understand the Colors of Time and how they work. In the sequel, he discovers a lot more. Most of it not good. 

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  1. beautiful cover art and your book sounds fascinating! Congrats! Glad to have discovered your blog. New follower here:)