Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lucky Seven

The other day, the lovely Laurel Garver of Laurel’s Leaves tagged me with the Lucky Seven meme. To fulfill the meme, I have to post a section of my current WIP. For this blog, I'm posting from the sequel to Screwing Up Time. The tag requires the author to post seven sentences, lines, or paragraphs from p.77, seven lines down. So without further ado:

She shaved my face and my neck with sweeping movements. The straight razor scraped—it made a slick wet sound. The cold blade against my hot skin. I tried not to swallow. I tried not to breath. And I refused to think what would happen if she pressed too hard or I had a hiccup. As I contemplated where exactly my carotid artery was and how much pressure it would take to sever it, she finished and the attendant wiped my face with a hot towel. It was over.

The final requirement of the Lucky Seven is to tag another seven writers. (I can’t wait to read their excerpts. I can’t remember who’s already been tagged—so if you’re getting tagged twice, sorry.)

1.    1.  Melissa Pearl
2.    2.  Anne Riley
3.    3.  AB Keuser
4.    4.  Misha Gericke
5.    5.  Lydia Kang
6.    6.  Krispy/Alz
7.    7.  Theresa Milstein

Also, as a treat I’ve also decided to post from my literary/historical/upmarket women's fiction on my A Merry Heart blog. So click over if you’d like to read that.


  1. Congrats.

    I like your excerpt. Having a shave like that would scare me too.

  2. Great excerpt, Connie. Thanks for picking me!! You rock :)

  3. He's just luck it wasn't ME shaving his face. I would have accidentally nicked him even if it wasn't my intent. ;)