Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sequel Title Revealed

The completion of sequel to Screwing Up Time is getting closer. So I thought I'd release the title. If you solve this acrostic based on book one, you can use your answers to figure out the title. All you have to do is take the first letter of each answer and put it in the appropriate blank next to the question.
(You can use the print screen function to print up the puzzle.)

1. ____ Where Mark hid from Peter when he was at Bodiam Castle.

2. ____ The room where the recipe book was hidden.

3. ____  An herbal ingredient in the elixir of time

4. ____ The name of Mark's grandmother.

5. ____ The real last name of Jeremiah.

6. ____ An epic poem Mark said he read over Christmas break.

7. ____ "On the ____ wall, there's a stone."

8. ____ A precious metal used in the time elixir.

9. ____ The name of the animal whose horn is used in the time elixir.

10. ____ The American university that the grad student Mark met at Bodiam Castle attended.

11. ____ The color of Miranda's hair.

12. ____ Peter is known as Peter the _______.

12. ____ The name of the lord who wants to marry Miranda.

13. ____ The university where Mark's dad teaches.

14. ____ The computer wallpaper that Mark uses is from what movie.

15. ____ The name of another epic poem that Mark tries to read over Christmas break.

16. ____ The name of Mark's cousin.

Next Tuesday, I'll post the title. And talk about the setting of the novel, which you'll know if you solve the puzzle. Good luck!!

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