Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Screwing Up Mongolia, Cover Reveal

A special thanks to Tara Rimondi for her amazing cover art. Here's a link to her website.

Here's the blurb.

As if being a teen guy isn’t hard enough, Henry is also a time traveler with a job to do. And a horde of Mongols who don’t want it done.

It should’ve been easy. All Henry and his girlfriend Miranda needed to do was time travel into a Mongolian caravan, steal some mammoth tusk, and get out. But thanks to a peacock, the Khan’s warriors attack them with scimitars swinging.  Only Henry’s Granddad can help, and he doesn't know who they are.

"Screwing Up Mongolia" is a Screwing Up Times series short story and comes between Screwing Up Babylon and book three. It was originally published in Winter Wonders, an anthology published by Compass Press.

If all goes well, I hope to have "Screwing Up Mongolia" available soon. I'll definitely post a blog when it's live.