Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update on the Sequel

Finished! Okay, I’m not totally finished. But I’ve finished the second edit of the Screwing Up Time sequel. And my first betas should begin reading sometime today. So what does a writer do when she’s waiting to hear back on her book? Here’s what I’m doing.

1. Making a list of all the things I want to add or delete to the novel. I'm supposed to give my mind a break from the book, so I can come back with a fresh perspective. But the story still spins in my mind.

2. Looking into making a book trailer. I’ve gotten a lot of nudges to do this. This sounds hard, scary, and totally out of my league. But I've promised a fan that I'd look into it.

3. Printing up the SUT short story so I can begin to edit it. Maybe spinning that story in my mind will take my mind off the sequel.

4. Catching up with things in my real life. Weeding my gardens. Organizing my closet. Doing some spring cleaning. Yeah, writing sounds a lot more fun to me too. 

5. Daydreaming about book three. There's an amazing scene that I've seen in my mind. I'm feeling very tempted   to go there and explore. A new story is the ultimate writer's drug addiction.

Other exciting news. I should soon hit an important sales mark. I have a bottle of pink champagne chilling. Next week I hope to post photos of my celebration. 


  1. Great news :-) I loved "Screwing up time".

  2. Hi, C.M! I'm here from the Author Karma group! I hope to learn more about what it is you're writing, although I can see from those two people that it's good! I hope you can come and stop by mine (:



  3. Aah! A book trailer would be awesome!!

    ..if you need any assistance getting it set up, I've been doing a lot of video editing recently. Just saying. :]

  4. Sounding awesome. Keep up the good work! :)

  5. So exciting! I would choose writing every day all day ... but I've been doing some spring cleaning lately and it feels very good. :)

  6. Ooh that's so exciting. Can't wait for you to reach that target. :-)

  7. How exciting! I've been contemplating writing a sequel to a manuscript I'm considering putting out there for amazon kindle. But I can't seem to decide who's point of view the manuscript should be written from- the original MC? or one of the other main characters? I'd love to be where you are now.